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Our guiding principles

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Mission statement: Future needs experience

  • We actively bring the great potential of retired, skilled volunteers – Senior Experts – into society. We see demographic change as an opportunity.
  • We encourage the transfer of knowledge and experience across borders, generations and cultures.
  • We support societal, economic and social development, thus helping to raise living standards.

Remit: Knowledge through experience for sustainable development

  • We offer older people a variety of opportunities to engage in society on a voluntary basis. Their knowledge, gained through experience, boosts opportunities available to others.
  • We render our clients capable of shaping their future by their own efforts – more effectively and sustainably.
  • We support the training, further education and qualification of specialist and management staff, both abroad and in Germany.
  • We support the social, vocational and specialist skills of young people in Germany.

Operational guidelines: Paid and voluntary staff working in partnership


  • We make use of the synergies that result from collaboration between paid and voluntary staff, including those within our organisation. This is one of the keys to our success.
  • We work towards the targets agreed with our clients in a demand- and need-oriented manner.
  • We ensure quality and sustainability. We measure our success according to the level of satisfaction of our clients and partners.
  • We behave with responsibility and care towards the resources placed at our disposal.
  • We provide individual support to each member of staff. Our management staff act as role models. Their management style is based around the values of appreciation and respect.

Values: Responsibility and respect

  • We feel obliged to uphold the principles of free democratic economy and society, as well as free international trade. We perceive entrepreneurial initiatives as providing a boost for sustainable development.
  • We maintain neutrality and autonomy and are mindful of the rights of third parties.
  • We are fair and respectful towards our clients and partners and always seek open dialogue based on trust.
  • We act responsibly towards society. It goes without saying that we always adhere to international laws and reject any form of corruption.