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SES Sponsor’s Association

Ever since it was founded, the SES Sponsor’s Association has focused on supporting the work of the SES wherever funding shortfalls appear during the course of its assignments – especially where local partners are unable to bear the costs involved. These shortfalls are a common occurrence in projects of a social, humanitarian or educational nature.

Last year the SES Sponsor’s Association spent 78.675 Euro on SES-projects. This was used to fund 175 SES-assignments. The countries that received the most assistance were Madagsacar, Moldova, Ghana, Bulgaria, Tanzania and Uganda.

The SES Sponsor’s Association appeals for donations to those who are familiar with the work of the SES and would like to lend it their support beyond the scope of a single project. Membership is open to anyone who is prepared to support the SES Sponsor’s Association as far as his or her means allow. The annual subscription fee is €50. The SES Sponsor’s Association is a non-profit organisation, making it eligible for tax concessions on all donations and membership fees. The roll of members is growing constantly, and has now reached 397 across Germany.