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How much does it cost?

Assignment abroad

Costs incurred at Assignment location

accommodation, meals, small daily allowance, laundry, local transport

Travel costs

international flight (if possible)

Costs incurred by SES for handling the project including ancillary costs

up to the maximum of
4.070,- €*

* Every client has to pay at least the expenses incurring in the assignment country (board and lodging, small daily allowance and transport). Furthermore, air fares, SES project handling costs and additional costs accrue. In specific cases, these costs can be partially or completely waived. Please contact your Representative or Project Coordinator.
(Project handling costs for the SES are incurred for the search and selection of the Senior Expert and for the general processing of the assignment. Ancillary costs include the insurance of the Senior Expert, prophylactic medical treatment and other expenditures for the assignment preparation.)