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What is a Senior Expert?

Over 10,000 Senior Experts, both men and women, are registered on our database. They are retired specialists from over 50 fields, covering the alphabet from agriculture down to wood processing. Since the SES was founded in 1983 we have carried out over 25,000 assignments in more than 160 different countries. The average age of our Experts is 67. The Senior Experts pass on their knowledge on a voluntary basis and are financially independent, possessing the key qualities of high motivation and extensive professional experience. Not only do they help to safeguard jobs – they even create new ones.  

Senior Experts have

completed their active working lives and pass on their knowledge on a voluntary basis.

Senior Experts possess
years of professional experience, foreign language skills and experience abroad, as well as the ability to adapt to the conditions that prevail wherever they are assigned.

Senior Experts are
financially independent, creative, committed and highly motivated.

Senior Experts want
to pass on their professional experience for the benefit of others; to help people build an independent future; to continue to be useful to others when their active working lives are at an end; to gain fresh experience through their work in companies/institutions both at home and abroad.

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