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SES assignments all over the world

Nicaragua: Paper, Printed Graphics, etc.

Senior Expert Wolfgang Hunecke in Nicaragua

Senior Expert Wolfgang Hunecke has already been in Granada, Nicaragua, in order to help a non-profit foundation, which is dedicated to the training of young people in the field of paper manufacturing and printed graphics. The foundation had two new projects. The Senior Expert was requested to enlarge the printing workshop and to help create a graphic calendar within the context of a competition. Wolfgang Hunecke vigorously supported both projects. The enlargement of the printing workshop was realised, and, due to appropriate application forms and excellent public relations work, the graphics competition could be carried out.

Cambodia: Clean Business

Senior Expert Jürgen Mittenentzwei in Cambodia

A non-profit organisation in the Battambang Province is dedicated to realising drainage projects. So far, the waste water was carried away without purification. This is why Senior Expert Jürgen Mittenentzwei was desired. He gave assistance in the correct construction of foundations, in the building of pits, as well as in the training of staff. After instructing the personnel in the field of concrete technology in a first assignment, he completed the construction of a pump pit and a 3-chamber cesspit. The Senior Expert also organised the testing operation and helped to install the lighting system. Now purified water is conducted!

Ethiopia: Herbs and Pectin

Senior Expert Elisabeth Schreiber in Ethiopia

“Ecopia” in Addis Ababa employs 12 people producing food, herbal mixtures and cosmetics for the international market. The company supports the local farmers by processing their traditionally cultivated products. Senior Expert Elisabeth Schreiber was requested to improve quality control and to determine the correct pectin content of jam – laboratory work in which she is highly qualified. The expert did not only show suitable methods, she also contacted a Fair Trade Shop in Jena where the products are currently sold.

China: Healthy Asparagus

Senior Expert Karl Eckle in China

People in China also like eating asparagus! A farm in the Shaanxi Province grows asparagus and wants to harvest more uniform spears. At first, it was important for Senior Expert Karl Eckle to have a look at the fields – thus he could get a better idea of the actual state. The differences in growing between Germany and China were discussed. Furthermore, worldwide-applied methods were presented, as well as asparagus diseases and its efficient control. Now, even a regular exchange between the regional asparagus producers will take place!

Republic of Moldova: Cooking with Gas

Senior Expert Uwe Bohnhardt-Schneider in Republic of Moldova

At the edge of the forest in the city of Rusca, is a small restaurant with a guest house called “Victiraid”. The two operators asked SES for help: The kitchen should be reorganised and the menu updated, in order to gain regular clients. Because of the many power outages, Senior Expert Uwe Bohnhardt-Schneider recommended to cook with gas – which was realised immediately. Now, the menu contains especially meals which are prepared quickly but are also delicious. The expert also suggested to expand the guest house business: As there are no comparable accommodations in the near environment, this is a promising concept!

Germany: Paints and Lacquers

Senior Expert Dieter Roth in the laboratory

Dieter Roth, a retired lacquer specialist, helped a company in Germany which extracts and processes industrial minerals like quartz sand or kaolin – raw materials for paint, glass and paper industry. Target: A formulation for colours which includes the company’s raw materials, should be developed and tested. Success: Since the testing of covering power and brilliance, and due to the formulation, the clients are able to purchase the raw materials of the company for a special purpose. The laboratory technician is able to carry out independently changes and tests and can therefore offer individual services.